From Zurich we flow to the island of Lesbos, Greece. By bus we reached the town Mithymna (Molyvos). On the way we had to stop several times to drop of other tourists at there hotel. Since for us it was a last-minute-flight we din’t expect to much. But our hotel was almost the last on the way, had a separate beach, clean and nice rooms. It was’nt full at all, so we had the pool and the garden
sometimes just for us. The sea was to cold to enjoy the bath, but the pool was warm enough. Of course we wanted to explore the island by car and by feet.
So we got to the thermal spring of Efhalou, a fiew kilometers east of our hotel. It’s at the beach. The temperature inside can reach 46°C, and it took us a certain time to get in there. To cool down we jumped into the sea (which seamed to be to cold before, but not enymore). We went back to the hot pool and finally our blood was circulating…..

We found it very special that evry little bit of land is surrounded by a fence, even if it was covered with rocks or far away from the next farm. Between Sigri and Antissa we found a petrified forest. The trees are up to 11.5 meters long and 4.3 meters high, which is unique in Europe. The strong wind and erosion take away the dust and so they get up to the surface. With the help of the travel guide we found a wall near Agra. It’s a piece of an antique wall. Each rock has his own shape, but they fit perfectly together. And on the way to the wall we stumbeld over two turtles.
Molyvos has a impressive old castle. The entry ticket has more security features than some passports. At the feet of the castle the town is on the hill. Small streets between the houses and a lot of stairs give the town his own charm. And the cats all over the place seam to bee typical greek.

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